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A new work by Mirko Sablich

Suna no Onna is pleased to announce that we have received a Music Commissioning grant from the Canada Council for the Arts! The funds will allow us to commission a new work from composer Mirko Sablich (Montréal), that we will premiere at LeHum (Moncton) on April 26th. Needless to say, we are really excited to [...]
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At the end of November, Suna no Onna met in Moncton to record two pieces; Gegengewicht, by André Cormier, and ô monde sur deux tiges, by Antoine Beuger. We capped off the sessions by improvising together, something we love to do when we get the chance. Release date of the recording is TBA, but should [...]
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Back from Germany!

Suna No Onna has just returned from a whirlwind tour of Germany – Düsseldorf and Munich to be exact. We performed “ô monde sur deux tiges” by Antoine Beuger, and “Gegengewicht” by André Cormier (commissioned with the support of the Canada Council). The two concerts were as different as the cities themselves. In Düsseldorf, we [...]
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