Back from Germany!

Suna No Onna has just returned from a whirlwind tour of Germany – Düsseldorf and Munich to be exact. We performed “ô monde sur deux tiges” by Antoine Beuger, and “Gegengewicht” by André Cormier (commissioned with the support of the Canada Council). The two concerts were as different as the cities themselves. In Düsseldorf, we performed in the cavernous Kunstraum, an old factory converted into studios and a giant art gallery. The audience was seated a long distance from the performers, giving us the feeling of being on our own island, or maybe an ice floe?! The delicate sounds of the music were carried along by the incredible echo of the space.

In Munich, the venue was the apartment of our host, artist Christoph Nicolaus. The building was an old army bunker during the war, and in order to convert it into condos, they had to first whittle down the 2-metre thick cement walls. The series is called “Klang im Turm” (Sound in the Tower). The atmosphere was warm, the audience packed in and seated close to the performers. There was a feeling of weight, and of real listening in the room. Afterwards, Christoph served soup and people talked to us and André Cormier about the music, telling us about what they had experienced throughout the performance.

One of the best parts of this trip was getting to work with Antoine Beuger and André Cormier on their pieces. This was inspiring, to say the least! We also got to meet wonderful composers, performers, and listeners.

Thanks to everyone!

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